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VRS Railway Industry bv

Chamber of Commerce information:
KVK: 58726144
Establishment: Houten

BTW: NL853155434B01
IBAN: NL26 RBOS 0605 4631 82

Safety and reliability between departure and arrival

VRS Railway Industry has been producing high quality rail safety systems since its establishment in 1879 and these are characterised by high reliability, durability and low life cycle costs. VRS Railway Industry is a market-focused and dynamic company which responds to the future needs of its clients through development. The company is committed to being an innovative partner in its field where both products and systems are provided as services.

When it comes to level crossing installations, signals and points VRS Railway Industry is a leader in The Netherlands and abroad. Our expertise has come about through the development of products and systems for the rail infrastructure, manufacturing and updating these products and systems, extensive testing, installing and maintenance. We also take care of the logistic aspect of deliveries.

For VRS Railway Industry rail safety is a core responsibility.