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WarmCO2: Sustainable Greenhouse Farming

Sluiskil, The Netherlands

WarmCO2 is a joint venture between Visser & Smit Hanab, the Zeeland Seaports authority and Yara, a producer of artificial fertiliser. WarmCO2 is a project in which residual heat and CO2 are used to create environmentally friendly and sustainable greenhouse operations. The residual heat and CO2 from surrounding industries are ‘captured' and channelled to market gardeners via an underground pipeline network. By making use of residual heat and pure CO2, greenhouse operators have continuous access to cheap energy and are independent of prices on the energy market.


The project will be implemented in the Smidsschorrepolder, the Autrichepolder and the southern portion of the Koegorspolder (near the City of Terneuzen). In total, the planning area involved is 400 hectares with a net surface area of 250 hectares for greenhouses.

Involved Parties

Yara operates as the supplier of residual heat and CO2 in the project. Visser & Smit Hanab is responsible for the development, engineering, construction and management of the CO2 and residual heat infrastructure.

Due to WarmCO2, market gardeners will use 90% less natural gas, an amount that is equivalent to twice that used by the municipality of Terneuzen.

Facts and figures

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