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Priority Project B: Reconstruction of the N50 between Ramspol and Ens

Ens, The Netherlands

The N50 between the villages Ens in the Northeast Polder and Ramspol is currently a two-lane road with five fly-over junctions. The current bridge that crosses the Ramsdiep and Ramsgeul waterways is a small and technically obsolete bridge which is often open and which is used by agricultural vehicles. A motorway with 2x2 lanes and without any crossings will be constructed along this route in the future. Slow and local traffic from and to Ens and the polder will make use of a service road parallel to the future motorway. To facilitate this change, the N50 Ramspol Infra Team was created consisting of a joint venture between VolkerInfra, Boskalis and Hollandia.

N50 - Schokkerringweg Junction

The junction between the N50 and the Schokkerringweg will become a viaduct supported by two elevated abutments and a central support. The viaduct is part of a semi clover leaf that provides a connection with the N50. There is a plan to create an integral viaduct, without any joints and supports for the transition from the substructure to the superstructure. This has implications for the deformation of the viaduct and therefore the deformation and the structural mechanics of the underlying pile foundation as well. It was therefore decided to use steel tubular piles as the solution for the foundation.

Ramspol Bridge

The new Ramspol Bridge across the Ramsdiep and Ramsgeul waterways will be constructed between the existing bladder dam and the current Ramspol bridge. The width clearance of this new bridge, which will be approx 13 m high, 550 m long and 34 m wide, will be approx 50 m in the Ramsdiep and Ramsgeul waterways. Commercial shipping between the IJssel and the IJsselmeer will sail through the Ramsdiep waterway. In relation to the limited depth of the Ramsgeul, it will be primarily used for recreational cruising. Because of the shipping traffic, the design of the supports positioned in the water must take the impact of a colliding ship into account. Various design and foundation alternatives are currently being considered for these supports.

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