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HERA System

Asfaltcentrale Rotterdam

A unique Dutch invention. The HERA System is the result of years of research into cleaner, better and cheaper asphalt recycling. The first Highly Ecological Recycling Asphalt System (HERA) in the world has been installed at the Asfaltcentrale Rotterdam (Rotterdam Asphalt Plant).

Very environmentally-friendly

The HERA System heralds a new, pioneering and very environmentally-friendly production technology, which enables asphalt to be recycled an additional 5 times.

Asphalt is normally recycled by directly heating the raw materials - a process which releases smoke and a strong odour. The HERA System works completely differently, by applying indirect heat.

The result:

  • A higher percentage of reuse of old asphalt
  • Lower emissions of harmful gases
  • Virtually no odours
  • Asphalt can be recycled an additional 3 to 5 times
  • Asphalt lasts longer
  • Cost savings; fewer (primary) raw materials and lower fuel costs

Asphalt recycling nation

The HERA System was developed by the VolkerWessels companies KWS Infra and Volker Stevin Materieel, in partnership with Swiss company Ammann, a major player in the field of asphalt production facilities.

KWS Infra is the Netherlands' biggest road builder. Volker Stevin Materieel is a specialist in construction and infrastructure equipment.

The Netherlands is a world leader in the sphere of asphalt recycling. Because we don't have a ready supply of the raw materials, they are imported - giving rise to a long tradition of economical use and innovative recycling methods. This is very important in a country with a density of approximately 57.5 kilometres of motorway per 1000 km²; the greatest motorway density in the European Union.

Around 8 to 10 million tonnes of asphalt are produced each year in the Netherlands. VolkerWessels produces almost 2.5 million tonnes of asphalt per year. There are around 42 asphalt plants in the Netherlands and VolkerWessels owns or has part-ownership of 15 of them.

This is the only system in the world that uses this technology and it costs around 4.5 million euros to install.

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