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Expansion of LNG Plant on the Isle of Grain

Work was performed on the expansion and upgrade of an existing LNG plant on the Isle of Grain in the United Kingdom (UK). The work was required to make the plant suitable for processing large quantities of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

One of the elements of the work was the demolition of the existing jetty and the construction of an entirely new jetty suitable for LNG tankers with a capacity of up to 205,000 m3. This jetty will be supported by steel tubular piles with diameters of 914 mm and 1,220 mm. The pile moorings (mooring dolphins and berthing dolphins) have a diameter of 3,000 mm with a wall thickness of up to 47 mm.

Pile Driving

The pile driving operations have since been completed. In addition to all strict safety and other requirements associated with working at an LNG site, another particular construction aspect was that the remnants of the old Queen Victoria pier could not be affected during the project (also see photos).


VWS Geotechniek was responsible for directing and interpreting the soil analysis and all geotechnical aspects related to the design and construction of the jetty. During the design phase, the geotechnical behaviour of the tubular piles in the London Clay was an important area for consideration.

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