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VolkerWessels takes the lead in digital construction with DigiBase

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Today Royal VolkerWessels launched DigiBase, a centre for digital construction that is expected to become the hotspot for digitisation in construction and real estate development in the Netherlands. The centre based in Nieuwegein is focused not only on cutting-edge knowledge and applications in the field of BIM systems, but also on other aspects of digitisation such as IoT, GIS, reality capturing and virtual and augmented reality.


Essential part

“VolkerWessels is enterprising, innovative and forward-looking. This is clearly reflected in this centre,” said Management Board member Dick Boers. “At VolkerWessels we go all out to convert the opportunities provided by digitisation into added value and earnings models for our clients and ourselves. DigiBase is an essential part of this.”


VolkerWessels has been using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and other forms of digitisation and data for a number of years now. DigiBase combines all the knowledge, data and expertise about digital construction in one centre. The result is a network through which to share this knowledge quicker and better among VolkerWessels’ companies and colleagues.


Going a step further

”We mainly invest in people. They get the opportunity to become familiar with and take advantage of the digital world and, in doing so, create added value,” said René de Groot, Director of DigiBase. “Technological developments evolve rapidly. The challenge is to adapt them to our operating processes and data strategy in a user-friendly way. To do so we will be seeking strategic collaborations with various technology firms. Together we will be able to transform the way we work in construction.”


DigiBase enables you to really experience the digital world and the power of data. The centre is set up in an industrial but homely way and is equipped with the latest tools to consult, scrum and brainstorm (also remotely). A special feature is the Experience area with its huge LED video wall and state-of-the-art virtual reality equipment which allow you to experience rooms, building projects and the immediate vicinity before construction has commenced.


Building of the future

Another special feature is the project area with its large interactive touch wall where teams can share knowledge and collaborate. Furthermore, the building itself is fitted as the ‘building of the future’ with IoT systems and sensors measuring and controlling the air quality, temperature, humidity, lighting and other elements throughout the building.d business development.

About DigiBase

DigiBase is a new company within VolkerWessels Construction & Real Estate Development. The purpose of the centre in Nieuwegein is to make digital construction commonplace at all VolkerWessels companies and with its clients, as well as supporting and assisting them in the transition to fully digital construction and development. DigiBase accomplishes this with a digital construction education and training centre (business support) along with support facilities in the centre and digital services aimed at project support and business development.

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