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VolkerWessels signs major cable contract for windmill park in Baltic Sea

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VolkerWessels' subsidiary Visser & Smit Marine Contracting (VSMC) was contracted by the German power company EnBW to lay 86 cables in support of the construction of a windmill park (Baltic 2) in the Baltic Sea. The work is taking place in the context of the construction of EnBW's second windmill park in the Baltic Sea with a total capacity approaching 300 MW. VolkerWessels is providing an integrated solution for all internal cable connections for the windmill park. The contract is valued at more than € 50 million.
Chairman of the Board of Management, Gerard van de Aast, comments: "The windmill park will be located 32 km north of Rügen Island, in the western part of the Baltic Sea. It will cover an area of 27 km2. Construction is slated to start in 2012, with connection to the power grid expected as early as 2013. The windmill park completed at that time will produce an annual capacity sufficient to supply 340,000 households with power.
This contract therefore fits perfectly into the contribution that we - together with our customers - can make to sustainable solutions. VolkerWessels has since accumulated a rich experience with this type of project and provides the undersea cables that interconnect the power networks at different sites. We have the highly qualified employees and excellent equipment required to successfully complete this type of contract."