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VolkerWessels places major order for electric vehicles

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A record order for all-electric vehicles. In one single order, VolkerWessels has acquired 50 Peugeot iOns from Peugeot Netherlands. This constitutes the largest corporate order for electric vehicles ever in the Netherlands.




The Peugeot iOn is a 4-door full-electric passenger car. According to VolkerWessels' Director Corporate Responsibility & Communications Dorien Wietsma, electric - i.e. clean - vehicles will help the group to satisfy strict European tender requirements. ‘Brussels demands low average emission levels from company fleets. The lower a fleet's average carbon emissions, the higher the company in question will be placed on the tender lists. We think this is a good move on the EU's part to increase environmental awareness. For VolkerWessels sustainability is more than just a nice idea - we aim to take concrete measures in this field.'



General Manager Frédéric Templer of Peugeot Netherlands is also very pleased with this record order: ‘Peugeot wants to realise a breakthrough in the use of electric vehicles. This is a logical aspect of our swift adjustment to changing environmental standards, as evidenced by our effort to reduce carbon emissions throughout the fleet, our frequent recycling of materials and major investments in smaller internal combustion engines. At Peugeot we believe electric driving has considerable potential. We are delighted to have found a kindred spirit in VolkerWessels.'



The vehicles in question were purchased by Wevi, a firm affiliated with the VolkerWessels group. The electric vehicles will be divided among a number of subsidiary companies of VolkerWessels.

The location where VolkerWessels and Peugeot Netherlands officially celebrated their new partnership, the Floriade in Venlo, could not have been more appropriate. At the World Horticultural Expo one can find 60 charging points for electric vehicles - the highest concentration of such stations in the world.