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VolkerWessels acquires Canadian company

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VolkerWessels today acquired the Canadian company H. Wilson Industries Ltd. The company, specialising in infrastructure, road construction and maintenance, is primarily active in the northern part of the Province of Alberta.
H. Wilson Industries Ltd., established in 1977, has developed a leading position near Fort McMurray, where the economy has been flourishing for years due to the energy deposits found there.

"We are not only investing in H. Wilson Industries Ltd. because we want to expand our activities in Canada geographically," says Chairman of the Board Gerard van de Aast. "With the Wilson acquisition we also create a presence in the oil extraction regions of Alberta, where we believe we have an opportunity for further growth."

H. Wilson Industries Ltd. will continue to operate independently under its current management and is VolkerWessels' second operating company in Alberta. VolkerWessels has been operating in Calgary, Alberta for over 30 years, which is also where its North American headquarters are located.

Financial details about the transaction will not be published.