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VolkerStevin Marine successfully complete DIO ammunition facility


VolkerStevin Marine has completed construction of the £18 million specialist marine facility in Portsmouth Harbour for the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO).

The new facility in Portsmouth consists of a 15 metre by 85 metre jetty and will be used for loading ammunition.

Ammunition facility

Type 45 Destroyer

The marine facility includes two mooring dolphins, two small vessel pontoons and provides docking and loading facilities for the Type 45 Destroyer; a key component of the UK's future defence strategy. The jetty is self-containing and has generators and welfare facilities based upon it.


The Ministry of Defence (MoD) awarded the design and construct contract to VolkerStevin Marine in December 2010, while actual works on site started in September 2011. The design was executed by Halcrow, with the assistance of VolkerWessels' in-house designer VolkerInfra Design.


The facility is constructed with tubular steel piles and precast concrete elements which guaranteed a quick construction period with minimal disturbance to the environment. Placing 58 tubular steel piles with average lengths of 35 meters, took just six weeks. The construction of the facility took only six months, while the cranes and M&E facilities were installed in four months. The cranes are equipped with the latest technology and the 34 meter boom can serve the T45 Destroyer more than adequately.

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