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VolkerLaser Complete Dovehouse Lane Bridge Refurbishment


VolkerLaser secured and completed a £250,000 refurbishment on Dovehouse Lane Bridge in Solihull working across a 12 week contract with Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council. After an exceptional Quality Submission was produced and evaluated, VolkerLaser won the contract and started remedial work on the bridge in June.

The structure exists alongside the original Dovehouse Lane Bridge built in 1976. As this new bridge carries the main weight of traffic, maintenance was required to refurbish and strengthen the structure. After investigative action was taken it was revealed the bridge needed a series of major works to extend the life of the road and reduce future maintenance.

The nature and the necessity of the work required traffic management to divert all traffic onto the old bridge, enabling all routes to remain fully operational throughout the 12 week contract. During this time VolkerLaser removed all existing surfacing from the road and footways; existing waterproofing membrane and redundant service ducting were also removed to prepare the structure for further work.

The installation of flat jacks to lift Dovehouse Lane Bridge off its existing bearings enabled the team at VolkerLaser to remove the grout from the old bearings by Hydro-demolition.  46 new pad bearings were then installed alongside concrete repairs to the half joint bearing shelf and beams to strengthen the weakened structure. Stirling Lloyd Eliminator was then applied to the top deck and service bays of the bridge. The project was finished with new kerbs, new road surface, footpaths and refurbishment to existing parapet railings.

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council regarded the project as a great success and was satisfied with all work carried out by VolkerLaser. Paul Dittman, project manager comments "All work went to plan and the project was on target and finished in the 12 week framework the client required. Solihull Metropolitan Council was more than pleased with the completed work, including the additional work that arose during the project."