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VolkerLaser adopt a partnering approach to radically transform Brighton’s 330 space underground city


VolkerLaser are working closely with our client, cost consultants, designers and key stakeholders to transform the once dark, gloomy intimidating environment of The Lanes car park into a high quality, bright and secure car park. Through collaborative working VolkerLaser are ensuring the design and cost requirements of the client are being met and the criteria of the Secured Car Park Award Scheme is satisfied.

VolkerLaser led the design work taking architects' conceptual ideas and making them work in accordance with relevant design standards. A partnership working approach is being utilized throughout the challenging scheme; ensuring designs are refined and appropriate approvals achieved at each stage.


Under a design and build agreement VolkerLaser is carrying out a comprehensive refurbishment programme that includes structural repair, enhancements to entry & exit points, installation of a modern jet ventilation system, as well aesthetics comprising new flooring, redecoration and signage.


The feeling of security is being enhanced by a new lighting system, including emergency lighting, along with the installation of CCTV and fire alarm system, both of which are linked to an external control centre. 


The security is being further improved by the installation of fast operating shutter doors at vehicle access points and automatic doors at pedestrian entrance and exits. Both of which include interfaces with the car park ticketing system. 


VolkerLaser have already installed a Sika floor system complete with a modern black and silver colour scheme to ease vehicular and pedestrian movement. The chemical and mechanical resistant properties make it ideal for enduring the constant trafficking of cars.


Upgrades to the stair cores includes the conversion of stair cores to fire escapes only with magnetic door locks, the installation of new lobbies and DDA refuge points, with intercom links to the fire control panels.


By adopting a phased approach to the works and working closely with the centre management staff to create a bespoke traffic management scheme, VolkerLaser have ensured that the car park will remain operational throughout the works. 

The team philosophy that is being adopted on this project is taking collaborative working to a new level and is ensuring all client requirements are met.