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VolkerHighways helps illuminate
Bournemouth and Poole


VolkerHighways has been awarded a EUR 29 million contact to maintain nearly 41,000 streetlights in Bournemouth and Poole over the next 10 years.

41000 streetlights


As part of the contract, 17,500 streetlights will be replaced in Poole with energy efficient LED lanterns and integrated central management system (CMS). This will involve the installation of 8,500 lanterns on existing lamp posts between November 2015 and March 2016 and the replacement of the remaining 9,000 complete lamp posts over the next two to three years.


The 10 year maintenance contract will begin in April 2016 with a possible extension of two years after the original term. During the contract, VolkerHighways will provideongoing maintenance of the street lighting stock for both Bournemouth Borough Council and Borough of Poole. Services will include routine maintenance and cleaning, fault repairs, electrical testing, structural testing and painting of the public lighting stock.


The newly-installed LED lanterns in Poole will be controlled by a centrally operated CMS which directly monitors the lights for maintenance issues as well as dim or turn them off if required. The system is expected to produce around EUR 481,000 of savings per year once installation is complete.

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