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VolkerGround Engineering completes
Arun Tidal Walls project


VolkerGround Engineering has completed the installation of over 3,000 tonnes of steel sheet piles and sections over a 2.5km section of the River Arun in Littlehampton.


Tidal flood defense

The work, which commenced in November 2013, is part of a major project being completed by parent company VolkerStevin. In partnership with the Environment Agency, Arun District Council, West Sussex County Council, Littlehampton Town Council and Littlehampton Harbour Board the local area is improved against tidal flood defenses along the East Bank of the River Arun.



The new flood defenses consist of sheet piling, concrete walls and earth embankments. The scheme now protects 748 residential and 340 commercial properties, including 696 properties in deprived areas to a 1 in 300 year standard. The project also improved the walkway along the riverside from the town to the beach.

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