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Green and VolkerWessels to expand
Puur Exloo hotel and family resort


Royal VolkerWessels is developing and building 180 high-end recreational villas at the Puur Exloo family resort. The luxurious villas are part of a larger plan launched by Green Real Estate to expand the resort. The expansion will include a new restaurant, luxury wellness facilities and an indoor swimming pool. Additional hotel rooms will also be constructed in the future.

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Exclusive recreational real estate

Puur Exloo is being developed by Kontour Vastgoed, a VolkerWessels company specialised in the development of exclusive recreational real estate. Kontour Vastgoed will start selling the luxurious villas soon.


VolkerWessels aims to use this combination of high-end holiday homes, hotel services and facilities to respond to growing demand for luxurious family accommodation in the Netherlands while further expanding the group’s real estate portfolio in the high-end recreational segment.

New level of recreational accommodation

Kontour Vastgoed is focusing on the upper segment of the market with Puur Exloo. “We are creating tranquillity, space and modest luxury. The combination of high-end real estate, a delightful setting and a high level of service make Puur Exloo the ideal location for people who want to spend time with the family in a beautiful area,” said Hielke Tillema of Kontour Vastgoed.

Fletcher Hotel

A main focus of the development involves cooperating with Fletcher Hotel de Hunzebergen, owned by Green Real Estate. The hotel facilities available on site enable Puur Exloo to provide a truly unique experience in the Netherlands by combining that warm sense of home in your own holiday villa with the luxury facilities offered by a hotel. The use of smart technology provides additional comfort and convenience with many automated services, for example when checking in and out or booking a massage.

Model villas

The recreational villas will be constructed by Koenen Bouw, a VolkerWessels company. A sales centre and three fully equipped show homes have already been built. The show homes can be visited by potential buyers by appointment.


For more information go to www.puurexloo.nl

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