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First smart direct current flat
in the Netherlands in Eindhoven-Strijp S

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VolkerWessels iCity is working to create a better quality of life. In the Strijp-S residential neighbourhood in Eindhoven it is partnering with Bouwinvest Residential Fund. Together with investor Bouwinvest, VolkerWessels is currently completing Blok 61, a special block of flats that provide maximum living comfort and convenience to the tenants. The intelligent and virtually energy-neutral lofts are full of smart technology.


Smart DC Lofts

The unique feature of these lofts is that they run on direct current (DC). Using direct current means that the solar energy generated can be used or stored in batteries without the need to convert it, keeping the loss of energy to a minimum. Furthermore, the lofts will have self-learning and interactive systems that communicate with each other and the tenants while ensuring the best possible energy management. Users will operate these systems through an app.


Pilot project

These first 14 Smart DC homes are part of a trial project. Together with the tenants we are researching the new techniques, efficiency and convenience of the applications. Interaction with the tenants is key in this respect. The tenants made it clear beforehand why they want to live in these ultramodern lofts. Experience is shared during meetings with the tenants (both online and offline) and the systems are further developed. This enables all parties to gain an insight into the added value of these smart home applications when it comes to sustainability and convenience for the tenants.


This unique collaboration between technical systems and users is recognised by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) which is subsidising the pilot.The project should result in a marketable and future-proof product that will enable VolkerWessels and its partners to make a significant contribution to a sustainable economy.


To make the project a success, various pioneering organisations are working together to align the technical systems both to one other and to the residents’ wishes. The parties involved in the project are ABB, Direct Current, Van Mierlo Ingenieursbureau, Enervalis, OpenRemote and VolkerWessels companies Stam+ de Koning Bouw and HOMIJ Technische Installaties. These organisations were brought together by strategic consultancy Chematronics based on their specific complementary expertise and solutions.


Following their planned completion in June, the Smart DC Lofts will have the same functionality as the other lofts in Blok 61. DC and smart functionality are being implemented and tested in stages in consultation with the tenants.

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