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Crown Prince opens new Reggefiber Headquarters


Fireworks along the Regge River. With the splicing of a fibre, a live connection was established between students at the Beatrixschool in Rijssen and HRH Prince Willem-Alexander. The Crown Prince and Dik Wessels today officially opened Reggefiber's new headquarters built by Wessels Rijssen.
Prefabricated ‘nineteenth century' stonework and a French zinc cap. The material used is as refreshing as the interplay of the architectural lines. A cathedral, a tree with branches: creative spirits have already labelled the building in various ways in spite of its very young existence. But the high-profile design of the Ritzen architectural firm from Maastricht, like the cross section of an optical fibre, primarily acknowledges Reggefiber's core business.


The company from Rijssen has been implementing and operating complete fibre optic networks under the name Glashart for almost five years. The fastest and most advanced broadband network responds to the rapidly rising demand in society for capacity to transport large quantities of data and services across optical fibre. Reggefiber brings fibre to the home. From Leeuwarden to Eindhoven and from Twente to the Randstad: fibre optic terminals have since become an accepted phenomenon in meter boxes in over forty municipalities. Reggefiber is an initiative of the investment company Reggeborgh that started up at the end of 2005 and that since 2008 has been operating as part of a joint venture with KPN.


The Wessels Rijssen construction firm, which handed over the building at the end of 2009, was not the only VolkerWessels operating company involved in this extraordinary feat. The Groot Vroomshoop supplied the laminated wooden roof trusses that span a distance of more than 30 metres. Aveco de Bondt was the main structural engineer, Westo supplied special prefabricated concrete systems and HOMIJ supplied the technical installations.