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Asphalt now cleaner, better and cheaper


VolkerWessels unveils HERA System; pioneering Dutch invention

VolkerWessels has presented a world first in asphalt production and recycling at the Asfaltcentrale Rotterdam (ACR, Rotterdam Asphalt Plant). The Highly Ecological Recycling Asphalt System (HERA) will be inaugurated this afternoon by Maxime Verhagen, Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Innovation.


The HERA System is the result of years of research into cleaner, better and cheaper asphalt production and recycling. "This is something we can be very proud of," says Chairman of VolkerWessels' Management Board, Gerard van de Aast. "The HERA System showcases our innovative strength and helps create a cleaner environment."


Asphalt is normally produced and recycled by directly heating the raw materials. The HERA System works completely different, by applying indirect heat. The result:


  • A higher percentage of reuse of old asphalt
  • Much lower emissions of harmful gases
  • Virtually no odours
  • Asphalt can be recycled an additional 3 to 5 times
  • Asphalt lasts longer
  • Cost savings; fewer (primary) raw materials and lower fuel costs


The HERA System was developed by VolkerWessels, in partnership with Swiss company Ammann, a major player in the field of asphalt production facilities. The Asfaltcentrale Rotterdam is the first facility to incorporate the HERA System.