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Road Construction

Kilometres of perfectly smooth asphalt under your wheels, or that roundabout or dike you cycle over each day: everyone uses roads that VolkerWessels lays and maintains in its four home markets. Motorways, bicycle paths, business parks, pavements, paving, noise barriers, incident management, excavation works and sewers: our staff possess all the required experience and expertise in this sector's many different disciplines.

Haak om Leeuwarden
'Haak om Leeuwarden' bypass

From global to local

Infrastructure projects and contracts are growing increasingly complex, demanding premium, specialised knowledge. Within the road construction branch, VolkerWessels covers the entire chain, from production in our own asphalt plants, design, engineering, and construction to road management and maintenance. In addition to national projects, our decentralised organisation also plays a major regional role, from provincial and local roads to the streets in the district. In Canada, our colleagues are responsible for keeping thousands of kilometres of roads clear of snow under the most severe conditions.

Blauw asfalt
Recyclable blue asphalt

Integrated and innovative

Large multidisciplinary projects demand an integrated approach. Often our road construction and other companies join forces on projects. Our operating companies contribute continually in innovative and sustainable ways to social challenges. A great example of this is HERA, in which we sustainably recycle and re-use asphalt. Another important theme is road safety. 'Luminous' material enables us to improve road users' safety.