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Railway Construction

Trains packed with commuters thunder over the track from A to B, trams and metro services rush all across the city or deep underneath it, sea containers travel to the port by rail: whether it means rail for travellers, for industry or cranes, rail infrastructure and track construction hold no secrets for VolkerWessels. We have the experience, expertise and means to lay new track and maintain existing material.

OV SAAL, Schiphol - Amsterdam

Maintenance and new construction

From railway lines to tram tracks and from metro to light rail, in the Netherlands and in the UK, VolkerWessels guarantees reliability and availability. Our maintenance on the rails, switches, catenaries, welds and sleepers prevents breakdowns, needless delays and unsafe situations on the rails. But VolkerWessels also has the people and means for new sections and the replacement of existing lines. Internationally, we also have a lot of experience building and reconstructing depots.

Basalt finishing

Technical expertise

In addition to railway construction, we apply our railway expertise and knowledge of technical systems to other disciplines, such as the design, construction, maintenance and repair of crane rails. Our technical specialists offer added value in infrastructural works like bridges, sluices, tunnels and flood defence systems.