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Mobility & Engineering

By car, ship, bicycle or train, anyone travelling through the Netherlands is hard pressed to avoid VolkerWessels' activities. Motorways and railways with viaducts, bridges and tunnels, waterways with sluices and weirs: at VolkerWessels, we not only build them, we design them too. Moreover, we have multidisciplinary engineering and an engineering firm in-house, and all of the expertise, means and experience needed to guarantee mobility. VolkerWessels: innovative, enterprising and future-oriented.

Knooppunt Hinthammen
Hinthammen junction


Quality of life and accessibility in cities; good circulation on the water, rails and motorways; safety on bridges, in sluices and in tunnels: for all of these societal challenges, VolkerWessels has a suitable product, service or measure. Some examples include incident management, traffic systems, alerts, traffic barriers, signals, security systems, traffic control systems, parking systems and smart ICT solutions. VolkerWessels ensures mobility.

Ingenieurs aan het werk
Engineer at work


From roads and structural works to tunnels and sluices and from foundations and auxiliary structures to excavation pits and frames: VolkerWessels has the people and the means to design all of these structures. We can also provide the engineering for cables, pipelines and (horizontal directional) drilling, from sketch to detailed design, often including multiple disciplines and always involving the latest technology and tools, such as 3D engineering, virtual construction and BIM.