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Energy Networks

Pipelines, cables and boreholes for the transport of residual heat, steam, gas, oil, water and electricity: VolkerWessels develops, builds and maintains these critical 'arteries'. With an eye for the surroundings, we construct connections in the most challenging locations, in both the Netherlands and further afield. Our cables and pipelines cross everything, from rural regions and vast rivers to congested railway tracks and motorways.

De Nieuwe WarmteWeg
HDD for heating network in the Rotterdam region

Record-breaking drilling

One of our 'house specialties' is HDD: horizontal directional drilling. With this technique, we can complete underground connections at complex locations around the world, where nuisance to the surroundings and existing traffic is simply not an option. Whether this means drilling underneath a heavily trafficked canal, a city centre or along a railway track, as the go-to specialist in this technology, we open up new horizons with horizontal directional drilling all over.

HDD-boring Haringvliet
HDD drilling Haringvliet estuary


The world is on the road to sustainability, and VolkerWessels guides its clients through the bewildering landscape of solar panels and wind turbines. In our integrated service provision, we can assist our clients with everything from subsidies, design and purchasing to construction and (long-term) maintenance. We also have ample experience in making distribution grids suitable for locally generated electricity and the sustainable re-use of residual heat. Whether this means increasing the capacity of the grid, or installing smart energy meters that allow energy production and consumption to be aligned.