Supervisory Board


  • J.H.M. Hommen (Chairman of the Supervisory Board) Joined the Board on 12 May 2017. Mr. Hommen holds supervisory memberships at Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize NV as vice-chairman and Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij Holding BV as chairman. Mr. Hommen is furthermore chairman of the board of governors of Tilburg University and advisor of Advent International BV. Mr. Hommen has served as CEO of ING Group and CEO of KPMG (Netherlands).


  • H.M. Holterman (Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board) Was appointed member of the Board as from 17 January 2017. He is also a member of the Management Board of Reggeborgh Bestuur BV and supervisory board member at Varo Energy BV and at Tivo Exploitaties BV.


  • R.J.H.M. Kuipers  Was appointed member of the Board as from 17 January 2017. Mr Kuipers is also director of Reggeborgh Invest BV since May 2015 and supervisory board member at Argos Group Holding BV. Mr. Kuipers was the shareholder and director of Norit NV. Currently, he is the owner and director of a firm that invests in equity and real estate.


  • S. Hepkema Joined the Board on 12 May 2017. Mr. Hepkema served as Chief Governance & Compliance Officer and member of the management board at SBM Offshore NV, as partner of Allen & Overy LLP and as a supervisory board member of The Royal Bank of Scotland NV. Mr. Hepkema also holds supervisory directorships at Wavin NV and SBM Offshore NV. He is a member of the Dutch Monitoring Committee Corporate Governance Code.


  • F. Verhoeven Joined the Board on 3 May 2018. Mr. Verhoeven last served on the Board of Management of Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (retired May 2016).


Management Board


J.A. (Jan) de Ruiter

  • Appointed Chairman Management Board in March 2017
  • Previously Chairman of RBS N.V. and Country Executive Netherlands for RBS Group
  • Prior to that joint CEO of ABN AMRO Rothschild

A. (Alfred) Vos

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

  • Member Management Board since 1 January 2009 (Energy & Telecom Infrastructure and North America and Germany)
  • With VolkerWessels since 2008
  • 21 years of industry experience
  • Previously COO Europe at AMB Property Corporation and co-founder and CEO of The Facility Group Europe


J.G. (Jan) van Rooijen
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

  • Member Management Board since 1 January 2013
  • With VolkerWessels since 2013
  • 4 years of industry experience
  • Previously CFO at Reggefiber Group B.V.


D. (Dick) Boers 

  • Member Management Board since 2006 (Construction & Real Estate Development Netherlands)
  • With VolkerWessels since 1989
  • 28 years of industry experience 
  • Previously Managing Director of VolkerWessels Construction & Real Estate Development


A.R. (Alan) Robertson

  • Member Management Board since 3 May 2018 (United Kingdom)
  • With VolkerWessels since 2008
  • 30 years of industry experience
  • Previously he was a Director at Alfred McAlpine plc and before then, CEO of Peterhouse and Eve Group plc