Integrity is a theme that demands continuous attention. Creating awareness of the desirability and necessity of acting consistently with integrity has our emphatic attention. VolkerWessels has a code of conduct, adheres to the guidelines that have been established for dealing with an alleged wrong (Whistle-blowing Scheme) and together with a number of other construction companies has developed the Principal Construction Company Guiding Principles.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


The standard of behaviour applied by VolkerWessels is documented in a Code of Conduct and is consistent with the code of conduct developed by the Federation of Dutch Contractors' Organisations (AVBB). For VolkerWessels this Code of Conduct is more than just a set of rules. The Code is intended to play a practical role in day-to-day operations, whereby everyone complies with the Code according to the letter and spirit of these rules.

Whistle-blowing Scheme

All VolkerWessels staff, regardless of their position, can report suspected wrongdoing within VolkerWessels. Submitting such a report does not have any impact on the informant or his/her position, provided that the notification occurs in accordance with the procedure especially developed for this purpose. The procedure and the actions resulting from the notification are described below.


Principal Contracting Company Guiding Principles

The seven largest Dutch construction companies have developed guiding principles to promote professional collaboration and chain responsibility in the construction industry. The goal is to create greater clarity for all partners involved in the construction process and to provide a point of reference for specialised contractors, suppliers, fitters, buyers and contract managers.

Ballast Nedam, BAM, Dura Vermeer, Heijmans, Strukton, TBI and VolkerWessels joined forces in anticipation of the demand for more socially responsible business conduct in the construction industry and intend to promote sustainable collaboration within the sector.

The seven companies have prepared a code of conduct on the basis of a number of guiding principles. The code offers the principal construction company, the specialised contractor, the customer and others involved in the construction process a starting point for professional, ethical, socially responsible and transparent behaviour. The achievement of a successful end result hereby is considered to be a joint responsibility. The principal construction company ensures that work can be carried out in a responsible, safe and sustainable way, while suppliers and contractors are asked to ensure that the quality of the services and products provided contributes to creating a professional process/construction process and end result. The seven initiators are aware that adherence to the code of conduct in actual practice cannot be achieved from one day to the next. The goal, however, is to elaborate on these fundamental principles within each company. The companies are incorporating the guiding principles into their own business operations. The construction industry association, Bouwend Nederland, is delighted with this initiative and intends to proactively disseminate these principles among its members.