Corporate governance

VolkerWessels is managed by a disciplined, highly motivated and experienced team. The Management Board has a strong management track record and long-standing industry expertise.  


VolkerWessels recognises the importance of good corporate governance. VolkerWessels is governed by a Management Board and a Supervisory Board. The Management Board, with over 85 years of combined industry experience, is entrusted with the management, the strategy and the operations of VolkerWessels under the supervision of the Supervisory Board. VolkerWessels voluntarily applies the ‘large company regime’ (structuurregime).  


The Management Board consists of Mr. Jan de Ruiter (chairman), Mr. Jan van Rooijen (CFO), Mr. Alfred Vos (COO), Mr. Dick Boers (managing director) and Mr. Alan Robertson (managing director). The experience and expertise of each of the members of the Management Board is highly complementary. As from the appointment of Mr. Frank Verhoeven at the Annual General Meeting on 3 May 2018, the Supervisory Board will consist of five members, of which three will be independent members within the meaning of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, including the chairman. The Supervisory Board shall consist of Mr. Jan Hommen (chairman), Mr. Henry Holterman (vice-chairman), Mr. Sietze Hepkema (supervisory director), Mr. René Kuipers (supervisory director) and Mr. Frank Verhoeven (supervisory director).  


 The documents below provide an overview of the governance of VolkerWessels:


Supervisory Board Management Board Company
Supervisory Board Rules: NL / ENG Management Board Rules: NL / ENG Articles of association:   NL / ENG
Audit Committee Rules: NL / ENG   Relationship agreement: ENG
Remuneration Committee Rules: NL / ENG   Whistleblowers policy NL / ENG
Selection and Appointment Committee Rules: NL / ENG   Code of conduct: NL / ENG
    Policy on bilateral contacts with shareholders: ENG