We are a privately financed company. Our shareholders are (indirectly) the Wessels family (85%) and management (15%).



Supervisory Board

  • H.M. Holterman RA (1955), Chairman 
    Was appointed member of the Board on 1 January 2010. Mr Holterman was appointed Chairman of the Board with effect from June 2012. He is member of the Management Board of Reggeborgh Groep and Chairman of the Supervisory at Argos Group Holding B.V.
  • R.L.J. van Rappard (1960)
    Has been a member of the Board since May 2007. In accordance with the applicable rota, he will step down in May 2015. He is Managing Director of CVC Capital Partners Group S.A.
  • D. Wessels (1946)
    Joined the Board in May 2007 and will step down in May 2011 in accordance with the rota. Prior to joining the Board, he was a member of the company's Management Board. Mr Wessels holds supervisory directorships with Riessen Metaal BV, Meatpoint BV, W. Wessels Rijssen BV and Admidex BV. In addition, he holds various managerial positions.

Management Board

  • D. (Dick) Boers (1966)
    Appointed to the Management Board in 2006. He has worked at VolkerWessels since 1989, most recently as Managing Director of VolkerWessels Bouw & Vastgoedontwikkeling BV in Rijssen. Mr Boers is responsible for the Building and Property Development Netherlands, and the Supplies and Service Delivery (construction and property) clusters.
  • H. (Henri) van der Kamp (1960)
    Appointed to the Management Board on 6 February 2012. He has worked at VolkerWessels since 2012, most recently as Director of the infrastructure sector. Mr Van der Kamp will be responsible for the Infrastructure sector in The Netherlands, which comprises KWS Infra, Van Hattum en Blankevoort, VolkerRail, Vialis, VolkerInfra and Aveco de Bondt.  
  • Dr. J.G. (Jan) van Rooijen RA (1970), CFO
    Appointed to the Management Board on 1 January 2013. Prior to that he served as Chief Financial Officer of the Reggefiber Group B.V.
  • A. (Alfred) Vos (1969)
    Appointed to the Management Board on 1 January 2009. Prior to that he served as Chief Operating Officer Europe for AMB Property Corporation. Mr Vos is responsible for the (sub) clusters Telecom, Energy Offshore and the activities of VolkerWessels in the United Kingdom and Canada/United States. 
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